It is not heavy at all.

I am from Africa ( Tanzania) and I make sure every year I visit 2 or 3 times a year. This time I decided to spend couple of months and the experience was amazing. Usually I stay for 3 weeks maximum this time it was longggggggggg. During my stay I met a young girl about 14 years of age by the name of Rehema. She was on her school break after finishing grade 6 and would come by alternate days  to my grandmas place just to help out or chill. She was introduced to the family by the cook we had.

In my world chill is going to movies, having coffee or sheesha, barbecue etc. For her she just came home ( she lived like 20 minutes from where I was) asked what is needed to be done if she can help out. Impressive. She had no phone, no net, she knew how to cook and played outside in the rain. Simple Life.

Every day she wanted to learn a new word in English I was impressed by her willingness to learn which some found annoying as one word turned into sentences. She had passed her Grade 6 and January awaiting to start Grade 7.

She then decided to stay over at my grandmas place till I leave back to Dubai. This is a pic of her telling me “Salma trust me its not heavy at all take a pic of me with your camera but don’t show my face”. Logs