Salma is me. Born n raised in a city called K town ( Karama- United Arab Emirates).

Next question ppl would ask would be sooooooo where u from? Ummmm da blood i knw tht runs thru ma vainss screams and whispers africaaaaaaaaa n since ma parents were born n raised there buh ma ancestors werent from there a mixture of african wid da arabs in short afrarab cocktail.

Sooo wat made me peep into da wordpress door? I think word press shud ask these questions wen wanting to sign up ( on the other hand though if i found these questions i wud be lyk wattt a lengthy registeration) anywaysss i got a new DSLR n SOOO wanting to experiment n learnI decided y dnt i shareee it wid da world ma step by step on the pics i take n a year frm nowww see where i get.

In simple word lets tryyy blogggggoooginggg.

I dnt think ppl wud be mentioning on their blogss ( didnt spy on anyones intro yet) buh ma so callled thing tht i wishhhhhh is to travellllll da worldddd tht tht used to be in ma top 10 list n wud stand on no. 5 it recently moved to no. 3 n yeah finish up my visual communication degree sp. in graphic designn been prolonginggg it .

P.s thts just a fraction of 1/15 of me ( learnt tht in camera language meaning a shutter speed of 1/15th of a second) i dnt knw the full of me as am still figuring it outt. 😘