The sun was squichy birght that day and the water was coldddd. Splashhh splashhhh then came click click THE BAG A lady gone to swim with her daughter left her bag right besides… Continue reading

The Report – Part 1 Kijijibeach kigamboni

Its been long since ive posted my progress, So I call this “The Report – Part 1” All the below are from ma trip to Tanzania ( duration – 2 weeks). Kijiji Beach… Continue reading

Dark night

Okkkkkk, i kinda lyk where am heading but whats the best.?……. You take a bunch of pics for one scene and choose 10, thn go down to 5. I guess thts y there… Continue reading

Night out


Dustbin: A can of trash or garbage Window: an opening Took this pic thru a dustbin – feels like the opposite. Without flash With flash, it hit on all corners of the dustbin

Midnight Phoyography @mall

Dubai festival city @1:00 am What am i doin here?  Didnt av a place to go n tht mall was da closest one to home Outcome: none to do + camera + midnight… Continue reading

Bracketing gone woooshhhhh

Saw these amazing pics from other photographers n they called em bracketing. The concept is u take a perfect pic wid all lighting lukin 😮 (thts jawdroppin) thn an over exposed one n… Continue reading

Light Painting 2

This is in ma room. I have seen some ppl do amazing ones with steel wool in instagram. I soo wannna tryy thatt.

The Dubai Sea

I think my choice of lighting is not so good. Need to fix that. Buh am 😃wid da result

Tripod Trial Day 3

Not crips clear buh ill get thereee in tymmm.