Tripod Day 2 -part 2


Tripod Day 2

Manual settings working out.

Souq Al Bahar

It saysss it alllll

Ahhhh viewww

Top of the roooof where it was locked and had to get permissions n oermissions just to take a piccccc yaikssssss buhh i love thisssssssss buh cud be better.🙆ma expression oh ma god… Continue reading


A day out wid a frend- experimented different shutter speed n aperture those r one of those i kinda went awwwww 🙊 “one step from using automatic n now using manual


Splassssshhhh, wat was intended was how we see in magaziness a strawberry being dropped into a glass and the effect is frozen and amazing. Well thts ma version of it. Mhhh i agreee… Continue reading

Partial Infinity

This was ma first lessson. Did alot of trial an errors n almost closed the gap in between buh oh well am happy wid da result.

Introducsioooon to ma me

Salma is me. Born n raised in a city called K town ( Karama- United Arab Emirates). Next question ppl would ask would be sooooooo where u from? Ummmm da blood i knw… Continue reading